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Village of Extension Hair Care realized that currently the every day hairstyle for the every day woman is red-carpet-ready hair. Everyday is now a photo shoot and we have just the bundles to get you reposted...
But we know everyone isn’t on social media like that; however, you need to still cause a scene as you step out. Dive into our diverse inventory to find your perfect piece.

Whether... you’re looking to add some volume, inches, texture, try a new hairstyle, we got you.

100% HUMAN HAIR! No neigh over here.

That invisible lace that you’re looking for.
They have been putting out APBs for the lace in our pieces ever since we started because lace is nowhere to be found or seen on the high quality wigs we provide.

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Long Wavy Hair

The ultimate classic hair which has won the hearts of many.

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Classic Straight Hair

The trendy hairstyle of the contemporary that makes a style statement all its own…!.

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Attractive Curly Hair

The hairstyle that everyone always wanted and wished they had…!.